Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hey there!

So you might have heard that I closed the virtual doors to my Creme de la Gems Jewelry business.  I closed back in January, but I am already having withdraws!  So I'm having a little sale on Sunday, April 12th in my etsy shop.  And because several of you contacted me wanting Princess Necklaces... I went ahead and listed some.  They are made to order, not ready to ship.  I hope you like them:)

Until next time.  And maybe next time, I will have more to say ;)


Friday, November 15, 2013

NEW baked goodies in the shop!

Hey there!  To say I've been a bit busy is an understatement.  With Queen Bee Market behind me (what a fantastic show!  More on that later), I was able to photograph, edit and list several items into the shop yesterday.

Here are a few product teasers for you.  To purchase, just click the image and you will be taken to my shop!  I hope you like the new handmade clay goodies... xo

thank you for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

what a party! (creative tea time recap)

Towards the end of the school year last season... I was having coffee with my good friend LeAnn.  We were discussing life, family, joy, business, heartache and all other topics we girlfriends open up about.  LeAnn knows all my struggles, successes and secrets... and I know hers.  On top of that, we just work really well together.  Thank God for good girlfriends!

On this warm day, we talked about hosting a intimate craft party at her adorable house and well... the rest is history.  Thank goodness the both of us were feeling confident and risky that day because we immediately pulled out our identical planners (Much Ado About You to be exact) and chose a date.  The seed for Creative Tea Time was planted.

From the moment the ladies walked up the pathway into LeAnn's Capo Beach backyard, they were transported into a lovely vintage tea party crafters dream. We did not hold back!  Here's a sneak peek of the decor...



By now you are probably asking... but what about Meagan? 

With her cute and outgoing personality?  We can't and didn't forget about Meagan.  When LeAnn and I saw the potential of Creative Tea Time, I knew I had to ask Meagan if she wouldn't mind helping.  After all, she had already "been there, done that."  Lucky for us... she said YES!  What did Meagan do for Creative Tea Time?  She contacted sponsors for swag, giveaways and supply donations.  And boy... did she come thru!!!  I really had no doubt she would :)

But the true hero's we should be patting the backs of, is those of our sponsors!  As the event got close, we literally had to turn sponsors away... not kidding.  What a problem to have, right?  I am incredibly grateful for our sponsors, as the guests were indeed spoiled that day (job accomplished).

What about "Creative Tea Time II," you ask?  We've chosen a date (or two... giggle), as well as craft projects, menus... oh goodness we cannot wait to share with you!  In the meantime, save your pennies, tell your girlfriends, and keep on creating!

To be continued... after we make a few small adjustments and catch up on chores, business & sleep.  You can checkout the CTT BLOG for another recap & those of our lovely guests :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

creative spunk... do you have it?

you know when it hits.  that creative spirit within you.  that spunky spirit that hounds your mind all times of the day and night.  it doesn't sleep.  it's that burst of "i got it!!" as you choose a flavored waffle from the frozen breakfast aisle in your neighborhood grocery store.  it's the "i just had the best design idea!!" while you are sitting back enjoying your pedi... or when you are crouching in your go-to book store, reading a potential new read. you grab your iphone and thumb to your yellow notes icon and type your flowing ideas, praying your ideas don't get lost in cyber space.

however... there comes a time where you are sitting still.  sitting and waiting in a planned obvious place of creativity.  an art class.  a crafting retreat.  awaiting.  wondering.  fearing you may not have it.  you may not think you paint well, or sew well, or write well... but you signed up for this creative thing and you have no other choice than to
challenge yourself. or flee.

you tell yourself you are up for a challenge.  and after a few go's at it... you realize something.  you have a 'hidden' talent.  this new found talent seems to flow from you... it seems so, so simple.  so natural. so...


you do as you're instructed.  you sketch circles.  you sketch some more.  you see the possibility within your mind... your creative mind.  not to be confused with your critical "i suck" mind... many of us have it.  i know i do.

whoa. how come i didn't know i could do this?
i sketched what seems to resemble something attractive or common, it has to be my sub conscience artistic mind taking over.  I tell myself...

i can draw.  okay.  so now what?

what am i to do with my new discovered talent?  do i  share my new talent?  of course i do! should i sell my talent?  i'm not quite sure. in fact.  i am positive i shouldn't 'sell' my new found talent.  at least not in the immediate future.

why is that?

because my new found art needs to mature and i don't quite know what to do with it.  yet. 

i found my self inspired by watercolor artist/instructor Junelle Jacobson at an artsy weekend held in the most beautiful garden in utah.  perennial gardens.  i found myself not wanting to leave the retreat.  i know i wasn't the only one who felt this way.

who knew i would fall in love with sketching and watercolors? junelles teaching style was this.  there are no mistakes and nobody is perfect.  art isn't perfect.  look at nature.  nature is beautiful... yet, it is not perfect.  i love that she loves being messy and imperfect! 

i got the messy part down, i just need to work on the "don't try to make perfect art" concept ;)

lovely right?  and we had the nicest time together.  if i have the chance to go on another art retreat that taught a new  medium, i would do it in a heartbeat.

thank you for reading :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Creative Tea Time Craft Party: A Giveaway

UPDATE: Creative Tea Time Craft Party is SOLD OUT!  We are very happy, but also sad because so many of you did not get a ticket in time.  It's not too late to enter to win a free ticket however!  Read on for more info...

 photo creativeteatimecrafts_zps056faa9d.jpg 

Creative Tea Time Crafty Party is a one day Southern California high tea themed, sassy, vintage inspired girls craft day at the beach! I know, right?! How could ANYONE say no?

Myself, Leann, and Meagan are the gals in charge of all the precious event coordination and details, and when I say precious details...let me just tell you, NO detail was missed. From decor, to table settings, to menus, to crafts, to amazing sponsors- it promises to be a Fabulous day!

Oh and swag.

Did I mention swag? My jaw continues to drop daily at the YES sponsor emails that we get.


Just to name a VERY few. So many incredible sponsors partnering with us for this perfectly crafty day!

Are you dying for more info yet?!

Here goes....

  • saturday, september 21st 2013
  • capo beach - 34531 via espinoza - dana point, ca 92624
  • cost $40/person
  • several varieties of craft projects, perfect time for the holidays!
  • high tea breakfast and luncheon
  • delicious desserts
  • shopping in downtown san clemente
  • dinner in downtown san clemente (not included in price)
  • optional: dress for high tea   

And just because we are so excited about this fun, girlie, craft time- we decided to GIVEAWAY a ticket, too!

The entries are easy and you DON'T have to be a blogger to enter.
One winner will be posted on August 30th.

You can share the giveaway once daily for extra entries, so don't forget to come back and give yourself credit each day.

Good Luck and we'll see you at the beach!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

let's talk tea...

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hello ladies!  i hope you are enjoying these final summer days with your families- unless of course your children have already gone back to school.  aidan doesn't go back until september 9th, so he and i are savoring these final days to prep for middle school as well as enjoy these last long warm, sunny days together.  we've spent countless days of swimming and sunning these past few months... the summer has just flown by.  i have a tan for the first summer in i don't know how long, and it feels really really good :)  plus aidan is stoked that his mommy will actually put on a bikini and go swimming with him!!

we just got back from a surprisingly relaxing camping trip... aside from the yellow jackets stocking our every morsel of food we attempted to shove into our mouths!   oh, and our little lady of the evening, "momma skunk."  yes, you read that right.  a skunk.  in our camp.  no less than four feet from us!  talk about getting your heart racing... geesh!  good thing she was cute ;)

this summer has been good to me. well... aside from we lost our precious persian marbles to a predator

pred·a·tor  (prd-tr, -tôr)
1. an animal that hunts and seizes other animals for food.
2. a predatory person.
3. One that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one's own gain.
my sweet stunning marbles. she was vulnerable, and attractive, and beautiful.  she was lost and looking for something new & exciting outside the comforts of her home.  she didn't see him coming before it was too late.  

i want to share more about what happened to marbles another time in another post. yet aside from losing marbles, i am feeling good.  i am feeling balanced and ready to launch all sorts of creative spunk!

let's talk tea, shall we?

photo credit / naughty shorts

or what i REALLY want to talk about is "tea attire."  

if you follow me on instagram, or read this blog... you are aware of a sweet little craft party i am hosting along with two other friends.  only this is not your ordinary craft party.  this craft party has a theme.  that theme is "an afternoon crafty tea party".  say that five times fast!! (okay, i just tried it and it really isn't that difficult).

picture this.  a shaded sunny afternoon of crafty projects, delightful friends of old and new, a charming and intimate back yard tea party, vintage decor,  laughing, authentic high tea delights, scrumptious deserts served in antique dishes, more laughing, vintage tea cups filled with hot tea, floral tea dresses, a number of handcrafted gifts, even more laughing, giveaways throughout the day, along with nurturing your creativity.  this is Creative Tea Time.

okay.  say you don't own a vintage tea dress, or anything similar for that matter.  that's okay.  the primary reason for this creative day is to have fun and be comfortable!  but if dressing up happens to be your cup of tea... then by all means.  dress up!

 photo credit /

personally, i am swooning over the dress with pink lace/beige w/ black trim, but every dress is gorgeous in my opinion.  i plan on dressing up, but if you are a guest... please know that comfort comes first.  and you can always bring a change of clothes.  if you don't own a tea dress, perhaps you can borrow one for the day.  oh... and don't forget your apron!   we would hate for you to get paint or glue on your beautiful dress ;)

just a heads up!  the final day to register and purchase your ticket is september 7th.  there are just a few tickets left, so don't wait much longer.  we wouldn't want to miss seeing you there!

if you already have your ticket... fantastic!  we are SO excited to spend the day with you.  we ask you to stop by the Creative Tea Time Blog and link up with us, so everyone can get to know each other. 

cheerio!! (and screaming with excitement inside)