Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Excuse the mess!!!

I am moving, but please do not worry! Creme De La Gems is not going anywhere! In fact...It's just getting started! Coming up this November, I am launching my website! It is going to be so exciting! I do have a sneak peak for you, but no merchandise as of yet. So please sign up for any and all of my mailing lists, so you will be the first to know! You and your children will NOT want to miss it! Go to http://www.cremedelagems.com.

To all of my sweet customers...THANK YOU for your patience during my move! I am desperately trying to complete all orders by the third week in September, then I am taking about two weeks off. I really appreciate you!
Don't miss IVYLANE's Fantastic Christmas Launch starting this Thursday! Let me just say how adorable everything is! You will love what you see! Check out the NEW Ivylane Blog!

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erin said...

Tracy your website looks so great! It;s perfect for you! Timi does such a fab job :)