Saturday, December 6, 2008

How about a GIVE AWAY?

Alright friends, it's time for a GIVE AWAY!

But I have to ask a little favor of you first.
(And NOW my space is even messier! I asked my DH to move my table and attach my bead boxes to my wall. So here you have now know what ALL I have to work with, lol! embarrassing!!! LOL!)

You will see that I have moved my main work station to the other wall (seriously, excuse the really wasn't this bad when I started this Give Away, lol!) and that I share this space with Aidan's artwork and Marbles the cat.

On with the updated photos...

As you can see by the photos of my office/studio, I'm in need of some ORGANIZING advice! Since my move, I have been so busy with life, catching up on orders and launching my website that I have not yet taken the time to set up and organize my office/studio in a productive manner. Make sense?

So, this is what I am asking of you...

Leave me a comment here on my blog with your own organizing tips and solutions. All I am asking for is one tip, but believe me...the more tips, the merrier! LOL!

Then on Sunday, December 14th, I will add all names of whom left a helpful comment to a bowl and I will draw ONE winner!
The winner will get one of my 2008 Creme De La Gems Christmas Ornaments!
So can you help me??? PLEASE???


Judith of Pink PolkaDot Originals said...

Hi Tracy! I see some empty cabinets above one of your tables -hopefully the perfect size for clear shoe boxes, of which I own MANY! They are stackable and you may be able to get two in each of the cubby holes.

For the boutique clothing designers that may read your blog - hang your fabrics like they do in custom order furniture stores. Works fabulously!

Pink PolkaDot Originals
Kid Friendly Haute Couture
Leader, City Stitchin'

Spoiled Rotten Designs Boutique said...


When I used clay I put them in the clear jewelry storage boxes/bins you can purchase from any local craft store for a couple of dollars. They are the boxes you put the beads in and separated the clay in the bins by colors sometimes all blues in one and greens in another slot.

The hardware bins with like 50 drawers you can purchase at a home dep@t or such is great for organizing all of your clay tools or clay and accessories that you use with clays. The spinning paint racks from Joanns or Hobby lobby are great for craft paints.

LS bottles, sealers and more. This rack is great. For my clays back then I also purchased an organizer on wheels with many drawers to put in paper work, magazines, large clay working items and large blocks of clay. When I was done with my photo box lights I would store them in the bin as well as all of my mailing labels and items. I believe the one I had was about 10 drawers but Ikea has many organizers with many more drawers if necessary. I had everything labeled on the outside so that items were easy to find.

A spinning caddy for the top of your craft table would also be good for clay tools, scissors, pens etc.

Hope these ideas were helpful!

Spoiled Rotten Designs

Aimee said...

Have fun getting your Christmas tree. That is always my MOST favorite day of the year. :)

For organization I am a big fan of the clear storage boxes and the label maker. My art studio (den) is mostly for sewing and some painting. I have a large table for cutting fabric. Under that table I have tons of clear boxes. I keep all my ribbon and remnant fabric. Everything is organized by color and in rainbow order! LOL I have a fabric wrap around the table so the boxes are hidden.

For my fabric I made mini bolts. I cut up cardboard boxes to fit the size of my shelves. I then wrapped all of my fabric around the bolts. Everything is stored out in the open. I can see all the fabric I have. It is like a mini fabric store.

I also use glass hoosier jars for all of my sewing notions. Not only do the serve a functional purpose but they are pretty too.

My final tip is to go vertical. Use as much vertical space as possible. Have fun organizing and enjoy your new space!


Judith of Pink PolkaDot Originals said...

Aimee, those mini bolts sound great. Do you mind posting a picture? Thanks.

Bella Marie Design & Photography said...

Tracy, looks like you have already had some great advice. I would also suggest the clear organizers. There are some really neat clear containers that are divided into about 12 squares. They would be great for silver findings, and different color beads. I also love the little Pottery Barn style wicker baskets to organize things. They look cute and stylish, and you can use different color gingham ones for different objects.

I will post a picture of my sewing room for you soon, maybe that would give you a few ideas too. It doubles as a craft room that my children enjoy using for art projects etc.

Good luck!

Wendy Haslam
bella marie boutique

Nava Family Blog said...

Hey Trac! Good thinking to focus on organization in the new year! These ideas given from everyone give us all great ideas! What about keeping a photo log of what you have? Take pictures of beads when they come in and keep a journal/book with pictures and how many of the beads you have? You could organize by color, style etc. Hugs! Jen

Tracy said...

Hey momma!!!!

I can organize a sewing room like nobody's business but not the best at jewelry...LOL! I will give it my best though!

When I did jewels I bought fishing tackle boxes! They were the BEST!!! You get the large storage area in the bottom and stackable clear trays on top for small beads and such. They also make the tackle boxes that are a case that holds a ton of the clear boxes. This one was my favorite of all. They are like little drawers that slide out so no need in getting the whole thing out. Just the box of beads you need :)

I kept most of my stuff in the closet and out of the way, but that's because I sewed too. Good luck sweetie!!!


Judith of Pink PolkaDot Originals said...

Tracy, please share your sewing organizational skills. I'm sure we can all use a few additional ideas.

stacey said...

Hi Tracy!!
Gosh, I could use some great organizational tips myself, LOL!
You have a great studio! Looks like lots of room! I really love using the big roll around carts with drawers. They're easy to get to and easy to push aside for quick cleaning. When I did jewels, I really loved all of the plastic divided containers too! Those magnetic boards with the see through jars work well too! You can hang a long wooden towel rack on the wall and slide all of your wire containers on it. Then just pull and cut what you need. No searching through piles of wire and it keeps it all out of the way. : )
Good luck!

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

You all have GREAT ideas! Thank you so much :) Feel free to post pictures of your studios, or email them to me so I can post here on my blog :)

Thank you!

Unknown said...

I need this advice too! I do have the large boxes you find in hardware stores for beads, then for the things I use every day I have clear divided boxes from Hobby Lobby. They are great because each little hole has it's own lid so if a kitty or a kiddie knocks it down they don't all go everywhere. I can't wait to see your finished room!

Leslie said...

When my daughter, Lindsey, was doing jewels, she made this awesome extra large magnetic board from sheet metal she got from the hardware store. She cut it to the size of a large picture frame she already had,mounted it on the back of the frame, then painted the picture frame to go with her decor. She bought these great clear top magnetic containers from Lee Valley Tools(you can find them online) that were inexpensive and came in a variety of sizes. You can put all your beads up on the wall and still be able to see each of them! It's really nice looking and functional. I think this is probably the same thing Jennifer was talking about.

I have a pegboard mounted above my machines and I have all my stuff right in front of me. You can attach hooks, drawers, loops, velcro, etc. on there. I think it would work great for your tools and supplies, too!

I LOVE the idea of hanging the fabric! Thanks, Judith!


Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

Oh yes!! I actualy have the instructions from Lindsey, lol!

Here they are if anyone else is interested? I LOVE the idea and plan on using it. I just need to buy all the supplies and get good ol' DH to help me ;)

Thanks Leslie :)