Friday, January 9, 2009

And the WINNERS are......................

Rocket by Cameron, age 3

Christmas Tree & Baby Jesus by Madie, age 7

Love Bug by Jasmin, age 5

Congratulations kids! You are my lucky winners of the "Kids Clay 'N Play Challenge." Sorry I am so late in posting, but tonight I had time to put every entry into a bowl and you three were chosen! YAY!

So this is what you need to do next...

EMAIL ME and tell me your choice of how you want your design to be re created.
You can choose:

1. Backpack Bling
2. Necklace
3. Bracelet
4. Sculpture

Thank you to everyone who participated!! I know with the Christmas vacation and all, that it is difficult adding on ONE more thing to an already busy schedule, so I am very thankful that you allowed your children to participate.
I had a lot of fun seeing your childrens' creations!

Now for a little sneak peak into one of this weeks auctions-
Take a LOOK

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