Saturday, April 4, 2009

Breakfast anyone???

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You can find this CUTE pin cushion & MORE made by my good friend
Tracy of PB&J*Creations. She is so creative!

I am always so busy this time of year, not only with creating new items, filling custom orders, prepping for fantastic launches and matching with friends, etc., but because it is nearly Easter.

My Church puts on the most amazing musicals, and my family is right in the middle of it all. The auditions, the rehearsing, the set design & painting, and the performing. It is our passion and our dedication to our Wonderful Maker, to pour out a message to the community in the ways of actors, singers and dancers. This Easter we bring you The Easter Story performed by many talented performers! I am SO excited!! If you live in Southern California, I would LOVE for you to come check it out! Let me know & I will give you the details.

We are SO THANKFUL for His Gifts & His Blessings!

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Heather said...


What church do you guys go to? We go to First Christian Church in Huntington Beach.