Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not in a million years...

Would I join a Choir.

I can't sing.
I can't!
Well, I can sing as a character.
But let me tell you there is nothing pretty about it.
Here's what Aidan thinks of my singing...his words exactly:

"Mommy, when you sing in a high voice, it really is not good. But when you sing in your normal voice, it's good, I like it."

So here it is.
The reason why I'm joining Choir.

I am not singing for myself or for others.
I am not singing because I desire to be on stage.
(well wait a minute...I do LOVE the stage, I'd be lying if I didn't say it, but not in such an intimate setting)
I am not singing for the attention.
I am not singing because I think I'm all that.
I am not singing because I have SO MUCH extra time on my hands.
I'm not singing because I want to be at Church EXTRA EARLY on EVERY Sunday morning, dragging Aidan along with me.

I am singing for The Lord.

My Father, My Daddy, My Creator.
The Heavenly Father who graciously gave me my gifts.
I will be stepping out of my comfort zone, stepping out In Faith.

So, I will not say that I'm sorry if I sing off key,
because this is not about me or you.
It's about

Oh ya, one more thing.

"Will you please pray for me?"

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Howard said...

Tracy, I love your choir coment. You are the best. Because God does not make mistakes. So sing to Him. If other people ar listening then that is just God's way of saying have a great day. I remember on time I went to my mother's church. I was going to EFA so I was in the choir. I set in the pew in this young man came out to sing He was so bad that I started to laugh, low key but I was laughing. When he was done I looked at my mother and she was crying. My thought was she really felt sorry for the guy and she was praying that he would stop. When I said , yea, pretty bad hua? - She said no it was beautiful. I said really? - In she said ANYTIME YOU SING TO THE LORD IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Yes, it changed my life and the way I look at music. Not everyone has the voice of Teresia, Michelle, our Lecia. IN my case. Dirk, Ryan, our Bruce, but the one thing that we do have in common is that we love the Lord, and I love singing to my Lord. I miss the choir so much, I gave 15 years to that choir, and they were happy ones. Enjoy! the time you give to the choir my friend. Soak it in because it will go by so fast. Trust me when it is time to walk away God will say "Well done my good and faithful servent". God Bless