Tuesday, January 26, 2010

GIVEAWAY and "Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad CPSIA?"

So I've been doing some much needed research today, on the CPSIA laws and I'm starting to NOT worry as much.
For one, I use only .925 Sterling Silver findings, which are exempt from the law.
Second, when I do incorporate Swarovski Crystals into my Children's Jewelry, it is maybe one to three tiny crystals which with that small amount is way below any "illegal" lead levels. Fourth, any glass beads I use are previously tested by my suppliers, to be free of lead and or other "illegal" toxins, and Last (this last bit of info has me dancing with joy), find out what I stumbled upon today:

A Duke University study from 2000 states in it's summary:

In summary, phthalate testers found in these Polymer Clays offer little or no acute toxicity concerns and are not a chronic hazard concern even assuming a large (24 mg) daily ingestion of these clays. Analyses of these clays for residual vinyl chloride found non-detectable (<1 ppm) levels. The clay matrix does not break down to release hydrogen chloride gas until temperatures of 350o F. or greater are reached, with progressive release at higher temperatures: curing at temperatures low enough to prevent destruction and blackening of the clay body will prevent appreciable hydrogen gas release. Little phthalate ester is released during curing, even when heated to the point that the clay breaks down: there is little opportunity for incidental food contact.

(You can find the article here)

So you should be pleased to know that I bake my polymer clay beads at 230 degrees F. A safe temperature :). All Polymer Clay used in Creme de la Gems Jewelry bears the ACMI (Arts & Crafts Materials Institute) Seal Of Approval which gives the status of being non-toxic, as does the Acrylic Paints I use. However, glazes may be a different story? I will research my gloss and glazes next :)

Off to keep my chin up, onward and upward!

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