Friday, February 26, 2010

"Who ate all the...."

Who would do such a thing? Lol! It sure puts a smile on my face :)
Have a great Friday everyone!


chinamommy said...

now THAT'S funny!!

Lori Allberry said...

Hahhaaa, I love it!

Wow, I didn't know doughnuts could look so beautiful!! =)


Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

LOL! He's my little sugar freak ;)


crochetdlane said...

LOL!!! I think you have a sugar monster in your house! I have 2 little ones and one big one! ;)


Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

It couldn't be that little boy with pwder sugar all over his face ;)

Lori Allberry said...

Hi again Tracy,

I just wanted to Thank You again for making my day! =)

You are so sweet!