Sunday, June 6, 2010

from happy to sad to happy again...

Hi there!
It's been a few days since I've posted.  Aidan had his last day of school (2nd grade) Thursday,
and it was such a bitter - sweet day.
We woke to our Gecko passing...
I knew it was coming, as she was not doing well these past couple weeks.
But why did she choose to leave us on Aidan's last day of school?
As soon as Aidan saw "Ms. Geek-O" was "gone"
he started to cry.  I let him be upset for about 10 minutes and said
Today is your last day of 2nd Grade. After school today,
we can cry & be upset all we want...then bury her in a special place.
And that's what we did.

So Aidan sat through Mr. Haas' "end of the year pep-talk" for each student...
That day was so hard for could see it on his face the whole time.
I spent half the day helping with the Year End Class Party.
 After we got home,
Aidan chose a special box for Ms. Geek-o.
(This Gecko got the royal treatment...look! It is a Club Penguin Tin!!)

Aidan personalized her resting box.
So we had a very sad day.
to help our sadness pass, we took a trip to the
Reptile Den
Geckeo (Geck-ee-oh)
Aidan's new baby Gecko!


its simple love said...

Sorry about the loss of a fine friend. The new little guy is adorable though!


Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

Thank you ladies!! WE got a new Gecko,lol! I will post in a few days :)

B said...

Sorry to hear that Aidan lost his little pet but glad that he found a new one. As Gecko's go, it is really cute. Love the Club Penguin box. My little girl loves that game!