Tuesday, June 1, 2010

when I grow up, I want to wear a strapless dress.......

This time of year, I'm always inspired by all the pretty
dresses that pop up just to tempt me.
This season, I'm seeing so many designs that I would love to own, but there is one slight
The dresses I'm drawn too, happen to be strapless.
 I don't know about you...
but these darn things just slide right off me.
Anyone else have that problem?
I've tried those Victoria's Secret strapless bra's with all the padding, but 
strapless dresses still manage to
creep ...  down  ... where ...  they  ... don't  ... belong   ...
Including the bra.
Maybe I need to ask the costume designer from
Dancing - With - The - Stars
So, in the meantime...I will wear "little girl's dresses"
Unless someone out there has some tips for me ;)
Especially this stuff!


mommyholly said...

Anthropologie = LOVE!! :) Strapless dresses are a total pain, especially when you have little kiddos running around haha!! BUT I have made my own straps for lots of dresses in the past and then it solves the problem- no slips haha! :)
xoxox Holly

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

I dream about being locked in that store at closing...oh, how fun would that be?
I think that is my only option too...straps *sigh*


dandelionavenue said...

I cracked up when I saw this because I can totally relate!!! I was just thinking the other day, how do all these women wear these dresses and tops???? And same with the spaghetti strapped tops. I'm clueless! lol

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

baaahahaaaa!!! So nice to "see" you Angela! :0)

Mrs Anne said...


I too, have found myself fighting with strapless dresses!... I think the key is to wear a little short cardigan with them... at least that's what i've been wearing.. however the idea of making your own straps is ingenius too!


Thanks for stopping by my blog.. i love love love your works!

Annette said...

Get some "Dress & Lingerie tapes" (basically double sided sticky tape). They are the secret of all the STARS!!!! They sell them in little packages at Macys, J.C.Penney, Nordsrtom, etc. They work FABULOUSLY!!!! They come in slightly curved shapes and just straight too.