Thursday, October 7, 2010

poor lonely blog...

I've been ignoring you.
{poor thing}

It's just that I've been very busy.
I have a HUGE Craft Market to prepare for.  And let me tell you...
IT is going to be BIG FUN!

But you know,
if you need me for any reason...
I am always on facebook ;)
I think you will like it there.
Oh, and in case you forgot what I looked like,
Here is a recent picture ;)
<<~~ this is me on the left ;) and this is Kindra ~~>>
Kindra will be helping me prep for The Queen Bee ;)
I {heart} her...she is silly, goofy & a lot of fun!
Although I'm almost twice her age, mentally...we mesh.
Do you have a "young girlfriend" in your life which brings
the spunk out of you?

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