Thursday, November 18, 2010

look what came home with me...

Not sure why I had such an obsession with Hair Goodies this time?
But just LOOK at them!!
Are they not so delicious and enticing?

My first little pretty is a necklace made by
I took one look at it and NABBED it up!  It's mine....ALL mine!
{selfish me}
Her style is simple, feminine, yet a bit urban modern. LOVE!

Then when I spotted Jess's Allora Handmade's little
rosette bobbies, I just about died and went to heaven!
You see...I have her trio rosette necklace which I bought at the last Queen Bee Market.
So the matching bobbies hit the nail on the head :)
Jess is one half of the Queen Bee Market Duo, who puts this
amazing handmade market all together.
{Thank you Mique & Jess}

These aren't your Grannies Crochet hats!
A romantic vintage girls dream...
What I really really wanted was the mustard yellow headband,
but they were all sold out when I got to Emilys Booth.
But I love my coralish-pomegraniteish headband that I made off with.
{still being selfish}

Need I say more?
Here's a little story of how I got to know "Whippy Cake"

I had just finished setting up my booth when a trio
of oo-ing and ahh-ing gals started scoping out my clay goods.
(They were so darn cute)
Each one dressed oh-SO trendy, in mustards and charcoals., & cute hair styles.
So perfect for the occasion.
One of them said, "Oh your booth just looks so yummy!"
I replied with something like "thank you...I hoped to get that response", as I was
cleaning up all the mess I made with last minute tagging and pricing.
So my mind wasn't "fully there."
Later that evening, as I sat watch during my security shift, I noticed a booth with all these
incredible hair goods attached to crisp white Christmas Trees with clothespins, and the same gals who were oo-ing at my booth, wearing mustard and charcoal were minding it.  I thought
to myself, "I wonder if they are the infamous Whippy Cake?"
(rewind two weeks prior)
I noticed a new Vendor on The queen Bee Vendor List, so I checked them out.
What I saw was incredible!
A professional website with amazing models and photographs,
with a product which was brilliant and YUMMY!
Instantly, I became obsessed.
I checked out their BLOG.
Found  them on Facebook.
(I tried keeping my obsession to myself...better watch will become obsessed too!)
(back to the present)
It. Was. Them.
The same cute gals who were LOOKING AT MY BOOTH.
Were Whippy Cake :)
I have to admit, I was a bit star struck. LOL!
But in all honesty, Becki and the gang (I don't recall their names, how embarrassing)
are so down to earth, and so sweet, and kind.

Until next time...

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