Sunday, December 26, 2010

What just happened???

Christmas happened.
 I don't recall how it got here, or how it all came together
It did. And it was lovely :)
I hope your Christmas was lovely too!
For Creme de la Gems, this was our First Christmas offering
Sterling Silver Stamped Jewelry.
I thought I was ahead of the game projecting to have a certain amount of sales.
Boy, was I wrong!  We went way over our projections, and thought we would never
get it all done.

So it wasn't without a few mistakes, and many sleepless nights,
that everything came together, but it did!
Thank goodness I had help from my wonderful Husband, 
my two elves (Hope & Bria) & our sitter (Kevin), to keep Aidan from running away
to find a new Mommy.

And as for our Clay orders~
Well, I will share a few of them in the days ahead.
Thank You again, for showing much interest & love towards our designs!
Next year, I will be better prepared for you :)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



Lish said...

Merry Christmas to you too - glad that you got so many orders :D

DoodlesBowtique said...

You were a HUGE blessing to Madie this Christmas! Love ya turd!!! Thank you so much!