Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm happy to announce...

I really do!

Since recently getting back into photography,
I got to reminiscing about the past.
And realize, I worked ALL the time.  I mean ALL THE TIME.
I left school early many days during the week, and work until 9-9:30 at night.
And I was very young.
{which is probably why I never got into mischief - darn...}.

For example:
I started working in grade school as a Class Aide at my dance studio.
I worked all through High School as a dance instructor.
Immediately after High School, I was referred by my wood working/craft teacher
for a job as a glass artists assistant (stained glass, etched/sand blasting, soldering, etc.).
 That was quite an experience.
Picture me holding a sandblast gun,
wearing thick mens gloves,
out in this old shed,
dressed head to toe with long sleeves & overalls in the Heat of Summer.
To say the least, it was no fun.
But, I learned a lot ;)
I did that job along side my dance teaching job.

In the late 80's, Dance was just starting to get
attention.  Movies such as Flashdance, White Nights & Footloose, were fresh
on the scenes, & at this time, my love of dance really bloomed.
I knew I had to dance...

But the one show responsible for me moving to
was "In Living Color."
Yep. I wanted to be a FLY GIRL
So I moved to the city...
But instead, landed a Job as a Dancer at Disneyland.
Never did I make it to a Fly Girl Audition, and I'm okay with that ;)

~~~~~ me ~~>>
as a Gazelle.
notice a pattern here?
{getting back to working all the time}
So, now that I live in the City...far, far away from home...
with no family...
(enter emotional violins playing here)

Before/Between the Disney job, I worked as:
Dance Instructor
A Magicians Assistant
Aerobics Instructor
Sales assistant
(got married had Justin)
Assistant Manager

(my gosh, this post is getting long...and why so many jobs?)

 me a spoon - Beauty And The Beast

me in pink - Hercules Parade

~~~~~~~~ me ~~~ >>> as Drizella
I worked at Jenny Craig
as a weigh loss assistant, then a Manager for about 3 years.
And then...I QUIT WORKING!!!
I was so tired, and so stressed, I knew I had to get out.  The hubby did not
want me to quit to be a stay at home mom.
Or did his family want me to.
But, I was down to 95 lbs.
Not because of Jenny Craig food or anything...but
because of the stress of managing am ever-changing weight loss center,
and caring for my new baby.  Aidan.

{sorry, I just had to post this again.  Just LOOK at that happy face}

Looking back at all the jobs I had, and how I worked
ALL the TIME...
can I just tell you how refreshing it is?
 That I can work from my home, and still be a Full Time Mommy?
It is bliss.
 And I am happy to announce...

I make pretty jewelry and polymer clay goodies...
from home...

And I owe it all to you :)

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