Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Hint for your hubby...

Now, I'm sure not ALL of your hubby's forget about Valentines Day.
But I'm almost positive most wait till the LAST minute.
Am I right?
This is what I hear from my Hubby, year after year...
Oh, and is my disclaimer:
"I am merely throwing my hubby under the bus for entertainment purposes only.
NO feelings were hurt in the process of this blog post..."

{Rewind back to Valentines Days Past}
Hubby: "What do you want to do for Valentines Day?"
(mind you it IS Valentines Day, as in THE DAY OF Valentines Day)
Me: "ummm... I dunno"
Hubby: "I was going to plan something, but I don't know what you want"
Me: "awwww...that's sweet"


Hubby: "I was going to ask my Mom to watch Aidan"
Me: "it's kinda late, plus reservations have to be made weeks in advance"
Hubby: "So what should we do"
Me: "ummm......I dunno"


So you get the picture, right?
It's a bit frustrating year, after year, after year.

We've been together for about 13 years total.  Married for almost 11,
and I am still waiting for him to romance me, and make RESERVATIONS for Valentines Day
(or for our Anniversary ;) ).
But I've come to the realization that he needs my help.
 And that I need to COMMUNICATE what it is I want.  EXACTLY what I want.
Although it is late to do so (this year)...I will do my best to communicate EARLY (next year).
I will tell him what I want which doesn't need
too much planning...I think?

So, I thought I'd help you out, and make this reminder
to be casually "dropped" someplace where your hubby can see it.
Like next to his toilet,
or the T.V. remote,
or in the cookie jar...
You get the idea.

Not that "I" want Creme de la Gems for Valentines Day, but maybe some of you do.


{Just right click, and save to your computer for printing}
Have problems?  Drop me an email:

Maybe you want to make it VERY clear & print out the necklace you want
(with all custom info written on the backside).
MANY more designs HERE & HERE.

We gals need to help each other.
I hope this helps you ;)

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