Monday, April 4, 2011

Celebrate your Mom!

{warning: this post is filled with "I" "we" "me" over & over & over again}

I lost my Mother to cancer, 16 years ago, and I still miss her like crazy!
She was an artist & crafter too :)
I remember she made beanie baby animals before there were beanie baby animals.  We would ride around with her in the car, dropping off her handmade goods at local gift shops in our little town.
Her beanie babies were soooo adorable!
(picture 1070's fabrics: corduroy, bright flower patterns, ric-rac trim & button eyes...frogs, ladybugs, snakes)

I looked up to her creativity and eye for design.
She is missed, but I know she is still around, inspiring me daily.
Why I didn't keep one of her creations?  I was probably embarrassed at the fabrics she used ;)
Little did we know, that today...those crazy fabrics are in trend!
You go Mom!

So tell your Moms that you LOVE them.

The website is updated (finally!!!)
Order your Mothers Day Gifts by April 15th.
I will be away April 7th-10th for Creative Estates-YAY!
I'm keeping my shops open, but I am not able to respond to messages until I return.

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