Tuesday, April 5, 2011

we crazy women!

I took a trip to the mall today.
Looking for the perfectly cute outfit to wear to Creative Estates. (woot!)

it was time I go shopping!

{ Que the gates of heaven harp music }

Several hours later, 
I'm home with my new duds, and not sure I'm 100% satisfied.
You know...
"should have bought this...should have gotten that...instead...and why..."
Am I right?
I ran across this video.  It was Heaven Sent!
{and F-U-N-N-Y !!!!!!!!}
Becca of Blue Cricket Design, YOU my dear, are brilliant!
Hope to meet you this weekend :)
And thank you!

P.S. The antropologie blouse and shoes were no part of my shopping experience.
 However...... "If I dream it, it will come..."

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