Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"CUTE" or "BOOT" {Waldorf-inspired-mermaids}

Alright friends.
Give me your absolute Honest Opinions...
I can take it...
really ;)

I have always LOVED mermaids!  In fact, Mermaids were my first successful
clay good.  I have a kinship with Mermaids ;)

So, here's what I want to know...
I designed these Waldorf-Inspired Mermaid Doll Necklaces. 
I liked them at first.

But I'm now having some reservations.

I'm not sure I like the puckered lips?
I thought I did...but I was wrong...I think...Yes...I mean...

"what do I mean?"

 I don't normally publicize my "practice-work," BUT...
I really would LOVE your opinions on this.

What do you think?

What would your daughter think?

Yes?  No?  What would you change?

{noses}  yes? or no?

{okay, I really don't like their lips} i think ;)

Tell me what you think :) 


What would you change?


Meredith said...

I love mermaids, my youngest was a water birth baby so I love buying her mermaid stuff. I don't like those lips and I don't think they need noses, maybe just put a regular mouth on them? They are really really really cute, gosh your talented. The lips just don't stand out enough on the face, I think that's the problem. mere@jklobo.com

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I like the lips, but I think the mermaid with the blonde hair (which is TDF, by the way) I think her eyes are too high up...I like the eyes on the first red-head, the one to the left of the blonde (she is really to her right, but looking at them, she is to her left!) Great job!

Lynda T
Life's A Gift

melissa said...

i had mallorie (my almost 8 yr old) daughter look at these and she said she loves the blonde-haired mermaid but she doesn't really like the red-haired mermaid. however, she would like the red-haired mermaid if she had "fuller" hair like the blonde-haired mermaid.

i had kinzie (my almost 12 year old) daughter look at these and she said she likes the blonde-haired mermaid but not the red-haired mermaid. she also said they should have their eyes a little bit bigger and closer together, bigger lips and a bigger nose so ppl can see it better.

you're always so creative and very talented. i'm just going to say i looooooove my stamped necklace. love love love it!!

Barbara H said...

Not sure if it is possible to make the lips more smile shaped instead of puckered, but if it is I would personally prefer that. And even though I generally insist that all of our Waldorf's have noses, I didn't even notice that yours didn't until I looked again, so I think they look fine snifferless. ADORABLE! I give them a "Cute" vote for sure!

Christina Marie said...

I couldn't figure out what was 'wrong' (what could possibly be wrong with your creations???) with the blonde mermaid until someone mentioned the eyes are too far apart... Then it hit me. She almost looks kind of like a fish! lol
I do mean that in the nicest way... ;o)
So even if you just put the eyes closer together she would look way better!
As for the rest of the body, she is so cute cute cute!!! :o)

Schmoodles Boutique said...

I love them just the way they are, and my daughter would most certainly LOVE to wear it!! Now we don't have a mermaid outfit for our waldorf dolls, that would be cute if they matched :)

<3 jen

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

THANK YOU EVERYONE!! @Chris... I was thinking they kinda look like little fish aliens, so we are on the same page, lol!!! I really appreciate your opinions!!

Anonymous said...

Tracy, these are soooo clever!! I love the hairstyle of all of them..BRAVO!! I think they would be perfect if the eyes were down a little and closer inward..I am guessing that would also make the sweet little mouth pucker look darling. I love the mouths as they are..I am thinking if you move the eyes in and larger then your creation would be totally drool worthy!! As always you are the master of everything cute!! YOU ROCK Fancy fingers!! Pixie HUGS

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

Kathy!! Thank you my friend!! I can always trust your opinion :)) I can't wait to get creating again after my move! (tweens & teens) xo, Tracy

Judith of Pink PolkaDot Originals said...

You're are an incredible clay designer! I have not one doubt that you'll take all the wonderful advice and end up selling hundreds of these babies!

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

Judith, THANK YOU so much!!!! I'm so glad I had mentioned "the lips" ;) xoxo!!

Anonymous said...

Cute...eyes are a little far apart but I love the lips and that they do not have a nose, super cute!