Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summertime family memories...

Two weeks from today, our family moves.
It is a bit surreal...almost like a dream.
Even though we are busy packing & cleaning, we managed to
 fit in some Summertime family fun here and there.
We went to the movies and saw Kung Foo Panda II (great movie!).

Went to the pool a few times with chips,  red vines & Swedish fish (sounds healthy, right???)

Went through piles of our old childrens' books & traded them in for "new to us" used books from
a great used bookstore nearby.

Took the BEST hike EVER!!! at The Santa Rosa Plateau
We fell in love with this place!! 

We pretended we were in Africa ;) At least we thought it resembled Africa, don't you?

These Adobe Buildings were built in the 1800's, for Cowboys.

We saw many pretty wildflowers throughout the hike.

"Mommy catch up to us!"
("But I have to take this picture Aidan!!")

The Plateaus are Ancient American Indian Grounds.
See the holes in the large boulder above? The Indians used to ground acorns into
flour in these cool!  History ROCKS!

So that's just a bit of our memories.
Have you done anything FUN with your family this Summer?
If so, I'd love to hear about it!!

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