Friday, July 8, 2011

following a dream...

One Summer, our family was driving
through beautiful Arroyo Grande, California on our way to spend
4th of July Holiday with family in Beautiful & Breezy Pismo Beach.

(our little artist) who was about four years old at the time was
looking out the car window, YELLED...
"That's my house!  I am going to live in that house someday! We will live there, we are going to live there someday! That's my house!"

We look.
We see a large white estate on a hill.
What a beautiful house.
We smile.
We realize...
That house resembled his most recent drawings.
{okay, almost creepy...right?}

From the arch windows, the tall white pillars, the hedges and even the black shutters.
Aidan was right.

That was his house.

That was almost Six years ago...

Aidan called it right.

I don't know about you, but my childhood dreams never came true...
not like this?!

{exceptions: marrying my 'opera' singer, dancing professionally at Disney} 

For example:
I never caught a glimpse of Santa on Christmas Eve.
That beautiful pink sparkly tulle princess dress with glass slippers
never showed up at the foot of my bed when I woke in the morning.
I never lived in an enchanted castle.

But Aidans' dream (really) came true...

Even if living in Aidan's Big White House is for a short season...
he (and we) can say
We followed a dream, and that dream came true.

I didn't plan on sharing this story with you at first, because to me...
the appearance or size of my home
does not matter.  
I could live in a tent as long as my surroundings were beautiful (and safe).
What matters is the love & family bond.

I also did not want it to seem as if I was bragging.
(I brag about my products enough as it is ... he he...)

But so many of you have recognized "The House" just from my slight photos of it,
You are good!
And here I thought if I took pictures of "sections" no one would know.

I guess it comes down to this.
God wants us all to follow our dreams.
He wants us to dream big.



I'm working on big new dreams, are you?


April said...

That is the house I knew just from a the small section of railings and the freeway :) The love I have for that area is deep. I have many memories there. I am glad you guys have found the place I love and will make many memories there too.

Jennifer said...

Hooray for your family! There is nothing better than seeing your children's dreams fulfilled. I hope you are loving your new home.

Elk Dresses said...

Oh my goodness, the whole area is just a dream! It is so beautiful there!

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

Thanks ladies!! It really is a dream come true!! We love it here :)

Christina Berry said...

When miracles happen and God blesses you, it's not bragging when you tell the world!

Your new home is beautiful! I hope you're all so very happy there!