Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's a messy bun-head week!

All week (last week)
And this week, I haven't spent much time on showering lookin' purdy.

(i did sneak of with Aidan & Dirk to a Car Show...and I just had to get my picture 
taken with "the Cruella De Vil car!! How cool is that?)

At least I have a rubber band & sunglasses to hide the non-purdy-ness!!!
I have really good reason not to spend time grooming myself,  I do!

I'm prepping for:

I have been CREATING new Goods.
I'm making sure my DISPLAYS are ready.
NETWORKING on social media sites.
Making even more NEW goods.

These new sweeties will be at The Queen Bee Market!

I will be sure to stock them in my shop soon after.
I'm shootin' for August 10th, unless something comes up ;)

The census on Faceook for these babies has been great!
Everyone likes the pumpkin headband best.
They probably feel bad for the spider.
Playing on peoples emotions help get attention; so I've heard.
NOT that "I" would do something like that!


Have a great week everyone!!!

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