Wednesday, August 24, 2011

move over Betty Crocker...

{warning... lot's of photos :) please allow time for all photos to load}

(thank you sis, for sharing your inspiring find, xo)

I don't have a big red velvet curtain reveal
for the NEW Creme de la Gems.
I'm sure you've caught on my now, as 
I haven't really kept it a secret.

I've already shared with you my NEW branding...ta da!!!!
(eeek! love it)

I've shown you a hint of what's to come...
Clay ruffles, YES! And these baked ruffles are non-fat ;)

Appetizing Clay statement rings
(these sold out at the Queen Bee Market, but I have more in the works!)
I think you know where I'm going with this...

Move over Betty Crocker, there's a NEW Baker in town.

I am headed to new territory.
I want to change how the world thinks of Polymer Clay.
Just pulling your leg ;)

One plan is to bring polymer clay into today's
trendy, fashionable accessory designs.
Think it can be done?  I certainly hope so.
I'm going to try.
Remember when I shared this quote?

I'm all prepped.
My little oven is awaiting the wings...

"he" or "she"
(I haven't yet decided if my little oven is a boy or girl. What does it look like to you?)
is waiting in the wings, ready to feature our NEW stuff.

So Martha Stewart, if you are reading this... and if you are looking for
that "it" polymer clay gal
{dream big}

(should actually read MORE coming soon!)

Oh, "Fear Not" my little precious princesses,
who CRAVE Creme de la Gems...

(Creme de la Gems Circa 2007)

You are in my plan.
You are my heart.
Baking for you makes me smile.
After all,
you are why I am where I am now.

Stamped Jewelry fans...

I still got your back.
Stamped Jewelry will still be available in the shop.

Well, that sums it up for now.  I can't tell you ALL my secrets
now can I?

I really hope you will love, and even be inspired by what is to come.
Creme de la Gems for Moms
Creme de la Gems for Girls
Creme de la Gems for the Home
Creme de la Gems Tutorials
(and plans for Creme de la Gems to "soften" up a bit...)

Tomorrow, I have a GREAT Tutorial for you, 
that you won't want to miss!!
Your kids will love it, wait and see ;)
Aidan got a kick out of it.

Oh, and this time... it's a CLAY tutorial.
I hope to see you back!


Christina Marie said...

LOVE those heart branches! I think I just found inpiration for a bunch of wooden hearts I have in my craft stash... :o)
As for those ruffle necklaces... bet you can't buy just one! LOL

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

LOL!! Bet you can't!! Ruffles are my all time favorite snack :))) xoxo You must show pics of what you do with your wooden heart beads & branches!!