Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursdays "how do i..."

w e l c o m e :)

I'm going to start something fun & new here on the blog.
Thursdays... well, let me say "some" Thursdays (to start), I will
post a craft, recipe, photoshop tip, etc., a
"how do i..."
(a.k.a tutorial, how-to, diy)
And hopefully I will be able to do this when i feel like it on a regular basis ;)

So without further ado...
here is the first ever Creme de la Gems Tutorial!

Chalkboard paint is the rage!
I see necklace pendants as tiny little chalk boards, antique frames with an insert of chalkboard paint, magnetic boards painted with chalkboard paint, kids rooms, chore charts, etc., 
the stuff is everywhere.

So I thought, why not paint some rocks & get Aidan involved?

Before you start, you will need:

1. Chalkboard Paint (at any craft store; we used black)
2. Paint brushes & a cup with rinsing water
3. Paper towels or Newspapers
4. Rocks.
(finding our rocks was the the best part)

(P.S., Aidan's "Rock" & Roll T-Shirt was not in the plans... ;)  If only I was clever enough to come up with that on my own...)

1. Wash rocks in water.  No soap needed.

2. Lay rocks out into the sun, to dry.

3. Squirt some paint directly onto rock.  You may use a small dish, or cup to pour the paint into, but for me... that is just extra clean-up.  And who needs extra clean-up? Not me ;)

5. Paint top & sides of rock(s).

6. Allow rocks to dry in sun & wait at least one hour, & find something to pass the time...


7.  Apply a 2nd coat of paint & repeat steps 3 through 6.  But this time, allow your rocks to dry longer.  The paint bottle instructs you wait at least 24 hours to cure, before writing with chalk.  However,
we only waited another hour :).

Let your imagination run wild... 

How about a photo prop?

or a special message...

hmmm... our anniversary is tomorrow.  maybe i can use these for something special... :)
They would make cute magnets!

The end.

Have fun!!  And if you try this craft, please feel free to share your "Say It On a Rock With Chalk" with me

Also, just to let you know that I have some great end of the Summer Sale items listed in my shop right now.  And more Sale items to come!! So keep checking back :)