Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a time of renewing...

This year
I have been placed in a time of renewing.
And quite possibly, a renewing in all areas of my life.

my attitude
my business
my dreams
my goals
my home
my parenting
my faith

I sorta feel like a newly planted tree
ready for water, sunshine & growth.

Starting with my attitude.
I complain -   like, a lot! 

That pouty-lip-folded arms stance was becoming
an everyday thing for me. 
I'm trying not to stress all the little things that put me in that
ugly, pouty, negative, nagging place.

(Tell me you've been there too.)

The past 5 years, life has been quite the challenge for my family.
My hubby was hit hard with the recession, like most.
So I've had to pick up the slack.
It's been stressful.

But it amazes me what trials can bring.
Trials bring grace.
Trials bring renewing.
Trials can turn dreams into things.

Tomorrow, I'm going to finally reveal my dreams & goals I have with
Creme de la Gems.
A few of you have been kindly reminding me about it, sharing with me your excitement
and worries that I'm going to stop making this... or stop making that.

I hope to see you back here :)

xo, Tracy


Anonymous said...

Squeeee!! I am so excited for you in your adventures ahead. WHATEVER it is you will find happiness and success!! Pixie HUGS

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

Thank you sweet Kathy!! You have always been my top cheerleader!! xoxo