Monday, September 19, 2011

HOW many days until Christmas?

I know, I know...
you must be wondering "WHY" is she already talking about
Christmas??!!  It's still September!!

Let me rewind back to LAST Christmas.

It was my first Christmas where I offered Stamped Jewelry for Women.
And I was busy, to say the least.
I had no idea what was about to happen. None! No clue! Nadda!
I spent weeks working on very little to no sleep, just to keep up
with all the orders coming in.
I put my hubby to work & three wonderful friends from Church,
who without all of them helping me, I probably wouldn't have made it
and called it QUITS!

Believe me when I say I am grateful! Because I am :)
I just like to complain. You know that by now, right?

{My Cute Nativity Sets can be found HERE}

I learned a lot with last years experience.
And I will be Ready To Roll this year!
So -  that -  is -  why
I know as of today, there are 97 days until Christmas.
I'm excited to share with you - that I have NEW designs in the shop!
And more to be posted soon.

Our new initial bracelet 
{romantic & shabby chic}

{"we love mom" & "love you forever" morphed together}

{to celebrate and share her faith}

{Two, three & four tiny names have always been available~ why it took me this long to create this
design for a single name?  No clue... but here she is! Sweet, right?}

And last... NEW twists on our Favorite Seller!

If you have your eye on something in my website or etsy,
drop your hints now, and order early if you can :)
New clay designs for girls & moms will be available in October.

Which is your new favorite?


Deborah said...

Tracy, they are all so beautiful!!!
I love the first one..the inital bracelet!
I love that its so shabby chic too (my favourite style!)
Oh its so tempting!!!!
What a beautiful post, and when you look at how close Christmas is in days Im panicing! Lol
Time to prepare!
Have a great week my friend!!

Deborah xoxoox

acuafree said...