Thursday, September 8, 2011

Polymer Clay Tutorial {silly candy corn place card setting}

Glad you're back!
And welcome if this is your first time on my blog :)

Today is "How-To-Thursday"
Most Thursdays (God willing) I will post a Tutorial of some sort,
or a recipe, special graphic or photoshop help.

I chose something very simple this week.
Something to get us in the mood for Halloween!
{allow enough time for all photos to load}

Here we go.....

As always, if children will be doing the creating, I recommend they use
It can be found in your local craft store.
Remember also to keep all sharp tools away from children. Read 
and follow all package directions on the back of your polymer clay brick.

You will need:
1. Polymer Clay
(white, orange, yellow & black)
I use Fimo Soft, but you may use what you like.

Condition clay before working with it.
To condition: squish, roll, push, squeeze, etc., until clay is pliable.

2. Clean flat work surface. 
3. Clay cutting tool or long smooth craft knife.
4. Small Round Kemper Cutter or paperclip.
5. A large, dull needle, or similar object.

Please feel free to email me at lilbeadbrat (at) yahoo (dot) com
if you have any questions.

Thirty Hand Made Days  


Jennifer said...

Love it! That is so cute!

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

Thanks Jennifer!!!!

Anne said...

That's so cute! I love his googly eyes!

Unknown said...

those are precious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, sooo cute!!! Love it, bookmarked and Pinned it. Can't wait to try these on my own.

Stephani said...

I'm planning a Candy Corn Post for October, would you mind if I used one picture and linked back to your page? I would love to include this grate idea. Thanks!

An Ivory Beauty said...

Tracy, This is sooo adorable! I am going to have to make one for my neighbor... she loves your stuff! I showed her your work and she was amazed lol.

I still haven't done the angry bird since, I now am not only raising a 5 yr old, I also have custody of my niece and am at the 22 week mark in this pregnancy.... I'm bummed the baby is a boy since he won't want hair cookies. lol

But I will get it done and tag you on facebook!

Stephani said...

Featuring your awesome idea on my blog today! Feel free to check it out!

Thanks for such a great idea!

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

Awesome,thanks Ani!!! xo