Thursday, September 15, 2011

thank you!

I just want to say


1. Your patience.
2. Supporting my "one-woman-show" business.
3. Sharing Creme de la Gems with your friends.
4. Accepting my mistakes.
5. Inspiring me.

I really am where I am today because of you.
When you share Creme de la Gems with friends,
it opens up doors!

Recently, my sweet friend Mique, owner of 30 days Handmade and 
The Queen Bee Market, (along with her sister Jess), KINDLY  
shared Creme de la Gems with Mary of The Mama Mary Show.
Mary's Mama Dramas are pee in your pants funny!
You have to check them out, without "little eyes" and "little ears" around ;)

Anyway, Mary was looking for cute cupcake necklace gift favors for her daughters birthday party 
(go check it out!!) & she went with Creme de la Gems.  I feel honored not only because she
went with my designs, but that Mary shared them on her website!
{thank you Mique & Mary}

Your referrals really do make a difference :)
And it seems to make others happy too!

Thank you for helping me do what makes me happy!


Christina Marie said...

Yay Tracy! I plan on sharing your site as soon as I get photos of the family necklace you made for my friend a while ago, so I will let you know when that post is up!!! :o)

Deborah said...

You are so sweet!
So glad I found you!
Ill be sure to check these places out!
Have a happy day xo

Deborah xoxo

acuafree said...