Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Happy" New Year...

Is your "Happy" with you this year?

Our family has moved a lot over the past few years, all over the place.  It feels like I'm a golf ball, on a golf course, putting around the green. Waiting to be hit into the final hole.
final hole =  final home
Not sure why I used a golf ball analogy...I don't golf? 

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Any hoo...
It gets tiring. And frustrating. I just want to settle somewhere for remainder of our lives.

The past few years has been the same routine.  The first week in December, I get an email from my Dad.  Endearingly, I call him Pa.  (I was a Laura Ingalls wanna-be... weren't you?)

The email goes something like this:

Hello Ce Ce, (my nickname)
Dona and I have a package for you, and need your new address. 
I hope you are doing well and you are happy.
Say Hi to Dirk, Justin, Taylor and Aidan for me.

Love, Dad

The Priority Box Of Cookies email  from my Dad
is one of my FAVORITE things because
my Dad knows we move around a lot, and so the email is becoming a tradition.
A tradition of "where are you living... and are you happy?"
I am horrible at keeping in touch with family and have phobias of phoning people.
Yes. Even my own family.

(FYI-I didn't use to be so afraid of making phone calls until after my days of working for a popular weight loss center as a Center Director.  Corporate made test calls to us on a daily basis, which while you are managing a busy weight loss center, can be unnecessary & stressful, in my opinion. Thanks a lot Jenny.)

Now you are thinking I'm this homeless phobia filled gypsy, creating within my troubled life.   Enjoy that thought.  I think I could play the part very well, if ever I have a chance.

My Dad always wants to know if I am Happy.

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Yes, Dad.  I am happy :)

So one day, when our family finally settles in that final hole on the putting green, I wonder.
Will my Dad have reason to keep his annual email tradition?
I sure hope so!  I don't know if I could start the New Year without it ;)

Have a HAPPY week!

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Alyson @Vintage Sunshine said...

Aw, such a sweet post. I love that an simple email like that has become a tradition for you. Moving around is never something I've done, so I can't even imagine what it's like. I hope that your family will find your final home one day soon. xoxo