Tuesday, January 31, 2012

hello change.

I want to let you in on a bit of a secret.

Lately, I feel like a volcano- about to erupt.
Erupt in a good way.

                                           Source: flickr.com via michelle on Pinterest

My business, my ideas, my thoughts are about to explode.
Many positive new changes are coming.

Changes good for me, and you-
that should be a song... or is it?
Seems i talk of change often, but change is a must if you are a designer & business owner.

change number one.

Meet Taylor Blaise (sounds like: B L A Z E)
Don't you love it?  Blaise is such a cool middle name to have. Taylor's middle name suits her personality to a "T" This girl is on fire! Just graduated from California State Baptist University, with a degree in Journalism.
(yay T!)

Until her dream job in the world of Social Media comes to fruition, Taylor is working for Creme de la Gems.
And believe me... that dream job, is coming!  This girl has already been working as an intern in two highly sought after Social Media companies.
But for now, Taylor is all mine.  Well, part-time anyway. Oh, and she is my step daughter, so I have full bragging rights.

change number two.

You may have noticed a sparse website.
That's because a NEW website is in the works.  After two years of searching for the perfect
web designer, I've cheerfully chosen Lisa Bacon of Moxie Pear.
Lisa and I both adore my branding by My Little Buffalo, who is also named Lisa ;)
So the new website will be an expansion on it.  I love the talents both these gals have to offer, and know they will help the Creme de la Gems brand soar.

The new website will allow customers to enter custom options. YAY you! And YAY for my inbox, which often has duplicates of the same questions & concerns... "it won't let me enter my custom info?"

As for etsy.

I love etsy.
The fees? Not so much.  I'd rather give that money to "TAYLOR BLAISE"
(using my powerful, deep, raspy "voice over" voice)
To help her, help me.

(is that a song?)

Help me stay on task ;)

Etsy will stay active until I feel it is time to make the complete move to .com only.
But until then...
Maybe you need a little Hand Stamped Valentines Gift?
Something Cute & Special :)

For my sweet facebook fans: use code FANDISCOUNT for 10% off your order.

Soon, my new clay lines will be here.  I have no excuses now with having help & a nifty new website to fill.

Deadline for Valentines orders is FEBRUARY 1st, so hurry :)

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