Thursday, February 9, 2012

pinterest junky


So I had planned on doing this big long juicy blog post about pinterest, and how much i adore pinterest.  Sharing my favorite pinners and pins of pinterest.
But clearly, pinterest got the best of me.  Change of plans.

made by me :]

Yep. That was me that misspelled creators. Blame it on pinterest.  My mind is now a mushy messy mash up of design, color, beauty, quotes, product, DIY's, crafts, fashion, 

Hi my name is Tracy.  I am a pinterest junky.

               Source: via Tracy on Pinterest

               Source: Uploaded by user via Tracy on Pinterest


Fear_less_fitness said...

ahahahaha Im right here with you!!! <3

Craftcherry said...

We should start a support group.

Unknown said...

LOVE this and I soooooo feel your pain. I am right along with you! LOL

Christina Marie said...

I avoid pinterest for this very reason.......... I waste enough time on FB and blogs! My house would fall apart, my kids would starve, my hubby would probably leave me... LOL

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...