Friday, May 4, 2012

insta-friday link up! SNAP style

life rearranged

i'm linking up with Jeannett, for insta-friday... SNAP style.  only, instead of sharing my instagram pics from this past week-- i've decided to mash SNAP & insta-friday, all into one post.  mash = multitasking ;)

at some point... in between creating 300+ goods for the kids choice awards gifting suite, and SNAP Queen Bee Market... i made 300+ baked pins, for SNAP swag.  my gosh, i get tired just thinking about it... but i believe they turned out cute-as-can-bee.

that's me, first day at SNAP.  boots by steve madden (clearance + coupon = not such a deal, because they hurt like heck)  dress by my step-daughters closet, charcoal tights by target.

this cutie patootie, is becky of whippy cake.  i always look forward to becky's style of the day.  from hair, makeup, clothes, accessories to shoes... she is a doll.  what i really love about her, is that she is a hot creative mess too!  it's good to find others out there, who are like me us... right?

adorable fondant cake by im topsy turvy.  as a polymer clay artist, i have always wanted to try fondant, and guess what?  Ashlee has a series of how-to videos on her website! score!!!  this girl is amazingly talented :)

thank you, SNAP... for feeding us so well!

the decor was absolutely whimsical and fun!  very seuss-like.  speaking of seuss.. check out this children's literacy & DIY craft website, obSEUSSED.  fun!

there was no place to sit in this SEO class & my stupid painful cute boots again.  

 no makeup, hair pulled up into a messy bun, with my gal pal, canela of cinnamon*sticks. i love her g.i.joe t-shirt, paired with her handcrafted sterling silver necklace.  she makes her chain by hand, has six kids, and completes on average, 20-30 orders per day...all by herself.  i call her "jupiter girl" because it makes me feel better about my short-comings ;)

we drove my 2004 durango all the way to utah, with both booth set-ups.  we nick-named the durango, "the mary poppins carpet bag of suv's"  canela's booth is above and mine below.

yep.  we got it all to fit, including our luggage.

a few of the fabulous biz cards i collected by SNAP attendees.
i took pics with a some of the gals, but unfortunately the pics were too blurry.

utah was gorgeous, and i cannot wait to go back!

a gas station is a strange place for a petting zoo...

framed art by salty bison, my newest, favorite find :)
I cannot wait for SNAP 2013... will you be there?


Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

LOVE both of your booths!! (And also your cute dress!)
Someday someone has to make a post on HOW you manage to fit all your props and luggage in a car!!! LOL

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

AHHH!! My penpal Shannon (Sassy Lemonade) sent me one of your pins! I love it! It's even on my InstaFriday :)
So awesome I found your blog today.

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Awesome!! LOVED this post!!

I was wondering how you guys managed to get both of your awesome set ups into the car...
"the mary poppins carpet bag of suv's"

Summer said...

I love seeing everyone's SNAP pictures. It looks like so much fun!

Tauni said...

Darling friend, I just adore you! I am so very glad that you were able to come out to SNAP! and I am looking forward to seeing you again!


Nancy Wyatt said...

What an awesome post! I still have yet to Blog Snap! ugh, I took very few photos with my "real" camera and when I did photograph your booth and Canela's they turned out blurry! ugh. So, must pull out the instagram photos instead huh. Hugs sweet friend!!