Tuesday, May 15, 2012

waiting to tackle the beast...

So there is this THING called my new website,  as if you haven't heard about it yet ;)
The new website - is - a - beast.  A beautiful, needy beast.  The beast would not be a problem, if  this drama mama had more time to work on it........

Ohhhh, but the website... is a very pretty beast!  It really is!  The site makes me all giddy, as I'm sure it will make you giddy too.  The problem I am having, is the beast requires more of my time.  More time than this shop is allowing me at the moment... and more time than I am willing to make you wait.

So I have come to a decision, and hope you will be very happy!

my current site will launch all my new goodies you've all been waiting for...oh...so... patiently.



Aside from all the lovely's you will find... I am offering a limited amount of custom order listings.  I am excited, and hope you are too!!

Sorry beast.  I will make time for you later :)

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