Friday, June 8, 2012

an invitation to just have fun!!

with the School year over, or almost over in my case... 
I am inviting you to my facebook page for a Summer Kick-off PARTY!

"one night only"

we will chat, ask questions, cyber-socialize, laugh AND try to win some great prizes like these...

creme' vintage locket pixie necklace (ready-to-ship)

creme' mustache cuff links for dad (ready-to-ship) - great for fathers day, june 17th

creme' pale aqua, grey & white chevron earrings (ready-to-ship)

creme' crabby summer hair snap clip (ready-to-ship)

creme' navy, white with coral rose chevron earrings (ready-to-ship)

I will try to post on twitter & instagram as well :)
follow @cremedelagems on twitter
& tracy_cremedelagems on instagram
(instagram is an awesome app for iphone & android phones)

find us using hash tag code: #CDLGparty

"kinda important"

To ensure my posts show up in your facebook feed, you may need to do the following:

1.  go to my page.
2.  make sure you "like" it.
3.  hover your mouse over "liked".
4.  make sure "show in news feed" is checked.
5.  the more you comment, like & share- the more facebook will show my page in your feed.

(sorry facebook, I'd rather spend my advertising money elsewhere... no offense)

"woooo hoooo"

So put down fifty shades of grey that book you're reading, 
grab a cocktail, diet coke, or whatever strikes your fancy...
turn on some 80's, 90's, or heck- bring out the 70's music!
and meet me
on my facebook page tonight, at 7pm PST.

And bring a friend...
you never know what I might ask you to do for a chance at winning a prize ;)


Rebecca Howard said...

LOL! Can't wait! That's 10-11pm for me though....I'm afraid my hubby will have to be my partner in crime.

Unknown said...

Oh I'm on PST, hope I can get the baby to cooperate so I can join in!

Anais Palma-Cowley said...

Just found your page.. I love it. This is sooo cute. Like you on FB and you're on my feed :)

Oh and I wasn't reading fifty ;)I swear