Friday, September 28, 2012

flashback friday [creme de la gems old school]

In backing up my computer recently... I realized how many old photos I had on my hard drive, and it gave me an idea...

f L a S h B a C K friday!!!
[Creme de la Gems, old school]

Each of my designs below, were created way back in the day. Okay, well... not from the 1980's, but you get the point.  "Back in the day," meaning the days I primarily took on custom work.

made to match oli*beli

sock monkey's

made to match Gen Marie

 made to match Tiny Toes Boutique
 made to match coraline & baba loba kids

made to match gymboree & Jam Clothing Company

And, if you are in the Orange County area, I will be at The Queen Bee Market with several
ready to ship clay designs, for girls of all ages.  Hope you can make it! I would love to see/meet you!

Have a great weekend, friends :)

1 comment:

Christina Marie said...

I love them all! My favourite is the turtle though!!!!!!!