Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Christmas without Creme de la Gems Clay...

merry christmas + happy holidays!
hoping this post finds you cheerfully in the midst of holiday hustle and bustle, and comfortable boots.  you may or may not have noticed, that this year turned into the year without creme de la gems clay.
no nativities, no christmas pixies, or sassy princesses (wth?)
the first time in five years, and here's why...

the tender, pink section of my creative brain has gone on strike... the section in which all happy clay designs are born.  we are negotiating new terms, goals, direction, environment, compensation and hair styles soul searching.  i would discuss tidbits of what might roll out in the new year, but honestly, deciding if or what i am going to eat today, is more than enough to deal with... oh and the fact that i have a child to remember to feed as well ;)

so as the negotiating battle continues, i will resume working on launching my new website, that has taken a back seat, as well as keeping up with my etsy shop.

i promise to bring good things in the new year.
all my love and wishes, to you and yours.

p.s. i would love to know how things are going with you! please share and comment below, even if it is a simple hello...


Elk Dresses said...

Don't ditch the princesses!

We're just sitting around here, each having the same nasty cold, watching netflix.

Christina Marie said...

Merry Christmas Tracy.... I miss your posts and photos and clay creations! :o)
I am finishing up my shopping, but I have about.... oh, seven gifts to sew up yet before next monday! Eeeeekkkk!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I miss your nativities! They are the cutest. Here's hoping the strike is over soon. :)

I've have been busy loving on my 3 week old little one. And trying to keep my 3 older ones feed. Christmas break can't come soon enough for us!

Christine E-E said...

Hey Tracy... thanks for stopping by my blog... sorry I didn't see your question. I hope you get this answer to your question...
You asked about the North Beach Campsite (Pismo Beach). It's actually site #31. A fabulous site if you have younger kids.
You left this question on my blog.... here