Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a creative craft tea!

hey there!  gosh, it seems forever ago, that i have posted to my blog. life likes to get in the way, doesn't it?  now that i am here... i'm looking around, thinking my blog is in desperate need of a makeover!  nothing like a blog makeover to motivate creative blog writing, right?  maybe i will work on it next month, and please... life... do not get in the way this time, oh- unless it has everything to do with this guy:

how i adore instagram! anyway, i have spent the last several months going back and forth on what i really want to do with my biz. i took a much needed break, and you know what?  i still am not 100% positive i have the answer.  this i know... i have a passion for my brand, for creme de la gems.  creme de la gems gives me my girly outlet that i desperately desire.  creme de la gems is unique, and cute, and sweet, and childlike, and beautiful to me.  all things i love.  designing, mixing clay, coming up with new ideas, new tutorials, jewelry, accessories, characters... everything!  recently, i have wanted to make some off-the-wall, gorgeous mermaids, with glitter accents, flowers pearls, golden strings of long flowing mermaid hair. yep!  just imagining what these mermaids would look like, makes me smile.

but then my heart calls for something new from time to time, so i decided to do something about it.  want to know what it is?  okay, i will tell you (assuming you said yes).  i have teamed up with a very good friend of mine.  a creative die hard, you might call her.  a few months back, we were dreaming about hosting a craft party-backyard pinterest party-creative social-tea party-ish, party.

hope i haven't lost you.  what we came up with, is a really fun, inspirational, styled craft social called "Creative Tea Time".  our goal is to take your breath away with the loveliest, most feminine, creative, vintage inspired tea and craft party.  a woman's social, if you will.  i am excited and want you to get excited too!  i even set up a pinterest board, to get everyone inspired.

so take a moment to check out Creative Tea Time. your day will consist of a wide variety of all different level arts and crafts, lots of delicious food, beverages and desserts.  a short trip to down town san clemente to walk around, feel the clean ocean breeze and do a little window shopping in some of san clemente's best shops.  then, if you want, a girls night out/dinner.  tickets are just $40.  we will provide breakfast, lunch and snacks, oh and all the crafting supplies. dinner is not included in the ticket price.  to reserve your spot, head on over to our ticket purchasing site on eventbrite, where we have limited tickets available.

we sure hope that you can make it!  sneak peeks of our venue site are coming soon.  enjoy your week, friends!


Christina Marie said...

Oh Tracy that sounds like so much fun!!!!! Sure wish I lived in your area....... :)

Unknown said...

That sounds like a fun day!! :) If you're looking for someone to design your blog, I am a blog and web designer and would love to work with you! Let me know if you're interested! Oh and p.s. those mermaids sound amazing! :D

Unknown said...

My daughter adored her locket necklace I got from you when you were here in UT! :). And we can't wait to see your new venture!