Tuesday, August 20, 2013

let's talk tea...

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hello ladies!  i hope you are enjoying these final summer days with your families- unless of course your children have already gone back to school.  aidan doesn't go back until september 9th, so he and i are savoring these final days to prep for middle school as well as enjoy these last long warm, sunny days together.  we've spent countless days of swimming and sunning these past few months... the summer has just flown by.  i have a tan for the first summer in i don't know how long, and it feels really really good :)  plus aidan is stoked that his mommy will actually put on a bikini and go swimming with him!!

we just got back from a surprisingly relaxing camping trip... aside from the yellow jackets stocking our every morsel of food we attempted to shove into our mouths!   oh, and our little lady of the evening, "momma skunk."  yes, you read that right.  a skunk.  in our camp.  no less than four feet from us!  talk about getting your heart racing... geesh!  good thing she was cute ;)

this summer has been good to me. well... aside from we lost our precious persian marbles to a predator

pred·a·tor  (prd-tr, -tôr)
1. an animal that hunts and seizes other animals for food.
2. a predatory person.
3. One that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one's own gain.
my sweet stunning marbles. she was vulnerable, and attractive, and beautiful.  she was lost and looking for something new & exciting outside the comforts of her home.  she didn't see him coming before it was too late.  

i want to share more about what happened to marbles another time in another post. yet aside from losing marbles, i am feeling good.  i am feeling balanced and ready to launch all sorts of creative spunk!

let's talk tea, shall we?

photo credit / naughty shorts

or what i REALLY want to talk about is "tea attire."  

if you follow me on instagram, or read this blog... you are aware of a sweet little craft party i am hosting along with two other friends.  only this is not your ordinary craft party.  this craft party has a theme.  that theme is "an afternoon crafty tea party".  say that five times fast!! (okay, i just tried it and it really isn't that difficult).

picture this.  a shaded sunny afternoon of crafty projects, delightful friends of old and new, a charming and intimate back yard tea party, vintage decor,  laughing, authentic high tea delights, scrumptious deserts served in antique dishes, more laughing, vintage tea cups filled with hot tea, floral tea dresses, a number of handcrafted gifts, even more laughing, giveaways throughout the day, along with nurturing your creativity.  this is Creative Tea Time.

okay.  say you don't own a vintage tea dress, or anything similar for that matter.  that's okay.  the primary reason for this creative day is to have fun and be comfortable!  but if dressing up happens to be your cup of tea... then by all means.  dress up!

 photo credit / modcloth.com

personally, i am swooning over the dress with pink lace/beige w/ black trim, but every dress is gorgeous in my opinion.  i plan on dressing up, but if you are a guest... please know that comfort comes first.  and you can always bring a change of clothes.  if you don't own a tea dress, perhaps you can borrow one for the day.  oh... and don't forget your apron!   we would hate for you to get paint or glue on your beautiful dress ;)

just a heads up!  the final day to register and purchase your ticket is september 7th.  there are just a few tickets left, so don't wait much longer.  we wouldn't want to miss seeing you there!

if you already have your ticket... fantastic!  we are SO excited to spend the day with you.  we ask you to stop by the Creative Tea Time Blog and link up with us, so everyone can get to know each other. 

cheerio!! (and screaming with excitement inside)

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