Friday, September 27, 2013

what a party! (creative tea time recap)

Towards the end of the school year last season... I was having coffee with my good friend LeAnn.  We were discussing life, family, joy, business, heartache and all other topics we girlfriends open up about.  LeAnn knows all my struggles, successes and secrets... and I know hers.  On top of that, we just work really well together.  Thank God for good girlfriends!

On this warm day, we talked about hosting a intimate craft party at her adorable house and well... the rest is history.  Thank goodness the both of us were feeling confident and risky that day because we immediately pulled out our identical planners (Much Ado About You to be exact) and chose a date.  The seed for Creative Tea Time was planted.

From the moment the ladies walked up the pathway into LeAnn's Capo Beach backyard, they were transported into a lovely vintage tea party crafters dream. We did not hold back!  Here's a sneak peek of the decor...



By now you are probably asking... but what about Meagan? 

With her cute and outgoing personality?  We can't and didn't forget about Meagan.  When LeAnn and I saw the potential of Creative Tea Time, I knew I had to ask Meagan if she wouldn't mind helping.  After all, she had already "been there, done that."  Lucky for us... she said YES!  What did Meagan do for Creative Tea Time?  She contacted sponsors for swag, giveaways and supply donations.  And boy... did she come thru!!!  I really had no doubt she would :)

But the true hero's we should be patting the backs of, is those of our sponsors!  As the event got close, we literally had to turn sponsors away... not kidding.  What a problem to have, right?  I am incredibly grateful for our sponsors, as the guests were indeed spoiled that day (job accomplished).

What about "Creative Tea Time II," you ask?  We've chosen a date (or two... giggle), as well as craft projects, menus... oh goodness we cannot wait to share with you!  In the meantime, save your pennies, tell your girlfriends, and keep on creating!

To be continued... after we make a few small adjustments and catch up on chores, business & sleep.  You can checkout the CTT BLOG for another recap & those of our lovely guests :)

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